Our food

Our Head Chef, otherwise known as the ‘the cook’, has a passionate hand which makes the best Bolo do Caco you will ever taste. Under Marcos, our kitchens live by one simple ethos: ‘cooking with Chutzpah’ all day long. They cook with extreme confidence and audacity. We will gladly take something out of our dishes but we won’t add anything to them!

Food Menu

Cited in the Old Testament the Bolo do Caco was the bread of the Hebrew people, thus making it thousands of years old. This ancient tradition is still alive in Madeira Island, Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite Mediterranean spot. It is classified as ‘street food’ as it’s commonly found in street parties around the island. Often served hot with garlic butter. It’s best shared among family and friends, and occasionally with strangers.

Kid's Menu

Our menu has been designed with the assistance of Caco’s ‘younger’ team members. We can proudly say young Chefs Suri and Luna have spent considerable time with Chef Marcos debating what are kids favourite dishes... some compromises had to be made.

Our Drinks
A cured selection by a bunch of great people who appreciate a great drink, we believe ‘less is more’ and everything in life needs a balance. We serve it and if not then we make it ourselves.
Drinks Menu

Every drink has a story and is made with original ingredients to best bring the flavours and heritage to life. Nothing is specially made for Caco & Co., but we certainly hope you feel special drinking it with us.