About Us

We Do Expert Street Food Tasting by Travelling All Over Portugal

We are a group of backpackers who have travelled all over Portugal for several reasons. We must admit, we do travel on a budget. We are the travellers that don’t mind lodging in cheap motels and be sporty in doing outdoor things!

With these things said, you all can just imagine why we love street foods in Portugal. There’s no reason to hide that we were initially concerned whether or not these foods were safe to eat. The prices of these foods were affordable. But, of course, prices are not worth putting health at risk.

I have heard many people discuss safety issues of street foods based on their experiences. I can honestly say many people have told me street foods are not necessarily unsafe to eat. There have been many vendors who are careful in ensuring they practice hygienic protocols in cooking and preparing street foods. So far, I have not experienced getting sick throughout the years I have been trying street foods in multiple cities, countries, and regions. This factual experience was the primary reason why I wasn’t hesitant in trying street foods in Portugal.

I feel joyful that my team and I have gotten to spend fun times giggling and bonding around the streets of Portugal while eating street foods. There’s nothing like good company to enjoy great unique foods that’s distinct in this country.

Some of the famous street foods my team, friends, and I have tried in Portugal were:

  • Castanhas Assadas (Portugese chestnuts)

Portugese roasted chestnuts come in sweet and salty variants. I love the variety of tastes of these foods. Best of all, I can take chestnuts with me anywhere and eat them while I’m out on the road travelling. These street foods likewise keep my stomachs full as I eat them as snacks. I eat chestnuts as snacks when I’m hungry while I’m out on the road, and can’t find a restaurant where I can buy food.

  • Bifana burger

This streetfood is a snack that can pass as a semi-meal. I say this because Bifana is enough to keep me full just like how a real meal fill me up.

  • Bola de Berlim

This sandwich like dessert makes me full quick due to its bold sweet flavour. Who says having a dessert is expensive? Not when you buy this street food.

We will be posting more street foods from Portugal in our blog if we come across more of these foods. Count on us to share delicacies we have come to love that we think many of you will love, too!

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